Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Outlined below are the Department of History's major requirements for an undergraduate degree. Please note that the College of Arts & Science and the University have additional requirements that must be met in order to graduate from the institution. 

Please feel free to contact Jenny Morton, Director of Undergraduate Advising and Curriculum, at mortonj@missouri.edu with any questions.

Requirements for BA in History

A History major requires a minimum of 33 hours of history courses.

Introductory Courses (9 hours): One course in at least three of the five areas listed below. At least one course must be a “Pre-Modern/Early Modern” course and one course must be a “Modern Course.” For a list of specific courses, please refer to the Department of History Worksheet.

  • United States
  • Africa/Middle East
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America

Research Skills (3 hours): History 2950 Sophomore Seminar.

Area Specific Courses (9 hours):

  • Three courses, 1000 level or above, from 3 of the 6 areas listed (not to include 1100, 1200, 1500, 1510)
  • Areas: United States, Africa/Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Transnational.
  • One course must be 3000 level or above.

History Electives (6 hours): any two history courses at the 3000 level or above.

Capstone (6 hours): Required pre-requisite History 2950. One of the following options:

  1. One senior seminar and one 4000 level course.
  2. Undergraduate thesis.
  3. Honors thesis.

U.S. History Requirement: All students are required to take at least one three-credit course in U.S. history (excluding 1100 and 1200). This course can be used to fulfill one of the requirements above.


Professor Jerry Frank
Director of Undergraduate Studies
office: 308-1 Read Hall
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Jenny Morton
Director of Undergraduate Advising and Curriculum
office: 103 Read Hall
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email: mortonj@missouri.edu


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