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The Power of Giving

Our Alumni and friends play a vital role in improving how we engage our students, our colleagues, and our communities. We witness the power of your generosity each and every day. Our endowments enable us to offer competitive scholarships to our students, provide critical resources to our graduate students, support cutting-edge faculty research, and serve as a hub of knowledge and enrichment across Mizzou and beyond.

Undergraduate student, Erielle Jones

Undergraduate Students

We are dedicated to providing a dynamic and enriching degree program that prepares our students for the challenges of the twenty-first century. Over the past ten years our faculty and staff have won numerous prestigious teaching and advising awards including the Provost’s Outstanding Junior Faculty Teaching Award, Maxine Shutz Award, and the Kemper Award.

As a part of an effort to both enhance our student’s experience during their degree program and to enrich their professional training, we are seeking outside support for experiential learning and paid internships.

Experiential on a cliff

Experiential Learning

Witnessing history first-hand is a transformative experience.

Reading about the ancient cliff dwellers of Mesa Verde is enlightening. But reading about the Anasazi and then traveling to Cliff Palace and gazing up at the wonders of that ancient civilization leaves and indelible mark on most who undertake the journey.

This kind of transformation lay at the heart of experiential learning. More than a simple “field trip,” experiential learning melds traditional coursework with on-site engagement and post experience reflection.

As we strive to find new and powerful ways to engage our students, we are seeking support for the development of experiential learning courses and exercises that will help make the past come alive for our students.


Paid Internships

For more than a decade the Department of History has cultivated a wide range of enriching and engaging internship opportunities for our Undergraduates. Every year our undergraduates intern at dynamic sites including the Missouri Supreme Court, the Missouri State Historical Society, Missouri Military Museum, Boone County History and Culture Center, and several others. Through their internships our students hone their skills, serve the public, and build invaluable professional networks. For too many of our students, however, undertaking an unpaid internship is a financial burden too large to bear. To help our students secure and complete these crucial professional opportunities, we are asking for your support. By sponsoring internship activities you will be building powerful and lasting bridges between our students, our communities, and our future.

Department books

Faculty Excellence

MU history faculty are renowned for their expertise in a wide range of fields. Their recent publications include excellent books on debt in modern America, race and gender in St. Loius, a history of modern optics, foster care and the welfare state, and a new interpretation of the role of crisis in American history. To make a contribution to ensure that our faculty have the resources needed to conduct our research, please click here.

Arvah E. Strickland

Excellence in Diversity

In 1969, Arvarh E. Strickland became the first tenured African American faculty member at the University of Missouri when he joined the History Department. He later served as Department Chair, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs for the University of Missouri System, and Special Assistant to the University Chancellor. He was also instrumental in the development of the Black Studies Program at MU, twice serving as Program Director. He was a popular teacher who worked to encourage the recruitment of black faculty, staff, administrators, and students. In honor of Professor Strickland’s contribution to excellence and diversity at the University of Missouri—and to ensure that the department of history can continue to expand upon his legacy—we are seeking additional support for the Arvarh E. Strickland endowment. You generosity will ensure that the Department of History at Mizzou continue to be recognized as a leader in African American history.