Robert Swanson

Jay Sexton

Undergraduate – Brigham Young University (2017-2021)

Masters – Rutgers University Camden (2021-2023)

Research Interests

American Abolitionism with an emphasis on religion and politics. 

Recent Publications
  • Swanson, Robert. “There are some customs in the U.S. which are stronger than laws:” DeHaven Hinkson and the Fight for Equality in the Pennsylvania National Guard. Journal of Pennsylvania History (Forthcoming Summer 2024 as part of Special Issue on African American History) 
  • Swanson, Robert. “Fires of Liberty,”: American Abolitionists’ Perspectives on the Haitian Revolution, 1791-1806.American Nineteenth Century History (forthcoming 2024) 
  • Swanson, Robert. “’An inoffensive people:’ Letters of Stephen Grellet on Haiti, 1816.” The New American Antiquarian 2 (Sept. 2023), 1-21.
  • Swanson, Robert. “A Latter-day Saint Apostle’s Perception of the Southern Bazaar of Liverpool October 1864,” Journal of Mormon History 49, No. 2 (April 2023), 121-128. 
  • Anderson, Laura and Swanson, Robert. “’A Complete Struggle:’ Zion Building and Women Connected to the Mormon Battalion” Journal of Mormon History 48, No. 1 (Jan. 2022), 1-28.

 Rutgers University Camden History Department Fellowship