Shannan Mason

Shannan Mason
Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Area
Colonial North America & Atlantic World

Southern Illinois University – MA in Historical Studies & Certification in Museum Studies, 2014

Southern Illinois University – BS in Historical Studies, 2011

Ph.D., University of Missouri, 2024


Dr. Shannan Catherine Mason is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the History Department at the University of Missouri. Her research specializes in 18th century Colonial American and Atlantic history, particularly focusing on the botanical contributions of John Bartram and their impact on the early American economy and political landscape. Her dissertation, titled "Reciprocities Market: John Bartram’s 18th Century Botanical Subscription Service and the Seeds of Independence," examines the interplay between communication networks, patronage systems, and the rise of the consumer market during the revolutionary period.

Mason earned her Doctorate of Philosophy in History in August 2024 and a GIS Graduate Certification from the University of Missouri in May of 2024. She holds an M.A. in Historical Studies and a Museum Studies Graduate Certification from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, where she completed a B.S. in Historical Studies alongside a minor in Psychology.

Her academic work has been recognized with several awards and further supported by fellowships from notable institutions such as the Huntington Library & Gardens, the American Philosophical Society, Winterthur Museum and Library, and Florida Atlantic University Libraries. Dr. Mason has contributed to several academic publications and educational resources, notably an introduction and annotations for a reprinting of George Lippard’s The Legends of Mexico and contributed to the first and second editions of the AP American history textbook, Fabric of a Nation by Stacy and Ellington, Bedford Freeman and Worth Publishing.

Mason has extensive teaching experience and designed and taught a variety of courses ranging from foundational American and Western history surveys to advanced seminars on early modern Europe and workshops in digital humanities. She deploys innovative approaches in the classroom, and integrates material culture analysis, text analysis, and geographical information systems to enrich the learning experience while developing stronger analytical and technical skills.

Research Interests

· Early American History

· Botanical, Enviornmental and Landscape

· Consumption & Commodification

· Geographic Information Systems & Data Analysis

· Economic History

· History of Science

· Intellectual & Knowledge Production

· Market Economy Development

· Material Culture & Cultural History

· Natural History

· Networking

· Transatlantic

Courses Taught

· American History from 1877 to Present

· American History to 1877

· Ancient Civilizations

· Early Modern Europe

· Foundations of Historical Research

· Geography: World

· Medieval European & Middle Eastern History

· Natures Nation: Disease Disaster and Ecology

· Western Civilization to 1500

· Western Civilization from 1500 to the Present

· World History to 1500

· World Civilizations 1450 to 1914

· 20th Century World History

Recent Publications

· Shannan Mason "Nature Much Improved: The Curation of a Nineteenth Century Neighborhood and Greenspace," The Confluence, Fall/ Winter 2020/21.

· Contributor, Stacy and Ellington, "Fabric of a Nation: A Brief History with Skills and Sources for the AP US History Course" 1e & 2e (2023).

· Author, Editor & Annotations, Shannan Mason, et al. "Legends of Mexico" by George Lippard (Hastings College Press, 2019).

· Shannan Mason, "Southwestern Illinois InterCity Baseball League," Madison Historical: The Online Encyclopedia and Digital Archive for Madison County, Illinois, June 2, 2020.

· Shannan Mason, "St. Louis Smelting and Refining Company in Collinsville," Madison Historical: The Online Encyclopedia and Digital Archive for Madison County, Illinois, March 18, 2020.

· Shannan Mason, "Standard Oil Involvement in the Wood River Community," Madison Historical: The Online Encyclopedia and Digital Archive for Madison County, Illinois, June 28, 2019.

· Shannan Mason, "Simon Paul (1928 - 2003)," Madison Historical: The Online Encyclopedia and Digital Archive for Madison County, Illinois, June 28, 2019.


· The Huntington Library and Gardens, Dibner Fellow (April 2023 - August 2023)

· Weiner Joint Fellowship

        o Florida Atlantic University Library (October 2022)

        o The Huntington Library and Gardens (March 2023)

· American Philosophical Society Doctoral Residential Fellowship, Andre Micheaux Fellow, (March 2023)

· Winterthur Library and Gardens Doctoral Residential Fellowship (Summer 2021)