Haskell Monroe Graduate Fellowship in History at the University of Missouri

The Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy, the History Department at the University of Missouri, and the University Libraries, invite applications for the Haskell Monroe Graduate Fellowship in Civil War era history. Professor Monroe was a former Chancellor of the University of Missouri and a scholar of the American South during the age of the Civil War. The fellowship is open to graduate student applicants at both the MA and the PhD level whose proposed research focuses on the era of the American Civil War. In addition to their graduate coursework and research, the holder of the fellowship will pursue a digital humanities project that will summarize, classify and publish Professor Monroe’s extensive bibliography of first-hand accounts of life in the Confederate States from 1861 to 1865.  Applicants should mention the Monroe Fellowship in the personal statement of their application. Please note that applicants to the Missouri graduate program are not required to take the GRE. For further information about applying to the University of Missouri, see https://history.missouri.edu/grad/graduate-program  Applications are due on 8 January. Questions can be directed to Director of Graduate Studies Professor John Frymire (frymirej@missouri.edu) and Professor Jay Sexton (sextonj@missouri.edu