Rome: From Fascism to Liberation

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History 4085
Summer 2014

Il Duce Rises to Power
King Victor Emmanuel III appointed Benito Mussolini as the Prime Minister of Italy just six months after the man who would come to be called Il Duce, delivered this speech. On October 28, 1922 a crowd of Mussolini's Fascist supporters, clad in their infamous black shirts, assembled on the outskirts of Rome and triumphantly marched into the city in the 'March on Rome.' 

This dramatic ascension to power marked the beginning of two decades of Fascist rule in Italy and led to a radical transformation of the city of Rome.

Mussolini's dream initiated a concerted effort to reconstruct the physical landscape of Rome in accordance with Fascist ideology.  The goal of this effort was to transform Rome into a mythical city that would both anchor fascism in history and link fascism to the future.


History 4085 Summer 2014, "Rome: From Fascism to Liberation." In Digital History. Columbia: University of Missouri, 2014.

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