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Undergraduate Program

Outlined below are the Department of History's major requirements for an undergraduate degree. Please note that the College of Arts & Science and the University have additional requirements which must be met in order to graduate from the institution. For a detailed look at our requirements and other information concerning the undergraduate program, please see Undergraduate Study in History (pdf).

Please feel free to  contact Jenny Morton, Director of Undergraduate Advising and Curriculum, at with any questions.


A History major requires a total of 33 hours of history courses.

Introductory Courses (numbered below 2000): Three courses, one from three of the following four areas:

a) United States to 1865
b) United States since 1865
c) European
d) Third World (Africa, Asia, Latin America, India)

Area Specific Courses (number 1000 or above, not to include 1100, 1200, 1500, 1510):

a) United States
b) European
c) Third World

History Electives: 3 history courses at the 3000 level or above

Capstone - 6 hours chosen from 4 options :

a) one seminar and one 4000 level course
b) two seminars
c) undergraduate thesis
d) honors thesis

One Writing Intensive History course at the 3000 level or above (all seminars are writing intensive)

Graduation Plan: Once a student has earned 60 hours of college credit, they are required to file a Graduation Plan with their major department. Students planning to major in history must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and must also have successfully completed Math 1100 and English 1000 in order to file a Graduation Plan.

The Graduation Plan is a contract between you, the Department of History, and the College of Arts & Science. The contract specifies the courses you will complete in order to satisfy degree requirements. The plan does not include elective courses, therefore, a student must complete all the courses on their graduation plan and accumulate 120 credit hours in order to graduate.

Minor in History

History Minor Form (pdf)


  • Fifteen hours of courses taught through the History Department or courses cross-listed with History. 
  • Nine hours must be in courses at the 2000 level or above. 
  • At least nine hours must be taken in residence, six of which must be in courses at the 2000 level or above.
  • A grade of “C-“or above is required for all minor courses, however,  a cumulative GPA in your minor must be at least a 2.0.


  • You cannot use minor coursework in your major.
  • You cannot use the same coursework for multiple A&S minors.
  • Once an A&S minor is awarded, a student cannot return to MU to complete a major in the same dept.
  • A minor must be posted at the same time as the major degree is posted, you cannot return after you have graduated to obtain a minor.

Honors Program

The Department of History offers an Honors Program leading to the BA in History “with honors in the department.” Participation in the departmental honors program requires that a student maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA.

The Honors Program requires the student to complete a six hour, individual research sequence (History 4995/4996), normally taken in the senior year, under the direction of a department faculty member. The student’s work focuses on the writing of a satisfactory honors thesis, which must be defended before a faculty examining committee. Successful completion and defense of the honors thesis and a 3.3 cumulative GPA will graduate a history major with “honors in” the department. Below are a few examples of topics that students have chosen to explore in their honors thesis:

“A Fateful Moment in the History of a Free Country”: An Analysis of Supreme Court Rulings Governing the Right to Association for the Communist Party, USA and the NAACP

Signs and Crosses: The Treatment of Astrology and Martyrdom in Luther’s Postils

The Fractious Alliance: Franco-American Relations From 1980 to 2003

Reaching a Lasting Peace: An Exploration in the Causes of the Sudanese Civil Wars and Senator John C. Danforth’s efforts at Mediations

The Buffoon, The Radical, and the Pundit: White Racialists and American Popular Culture

Internship Program

The History Department offers majors the opportunity to gain valuable experience through the department Internship Program. The student enrolls in History 4940, earns three hours of credit, all while working at one of the department's internship sites. Each site will offer a unique experience, distinctly different from what a student will gain from a classroom experience. Currently the department has internships available at the following agencies:

  • Western Historical Manuscript Collection
  • National History Day in Missouri
  • The Boone County Historical Museum
  • University of Missouri Archives
  • The State Historical Society of Missouri
  • The Missouri State Archives
  • The Missouri State Museum
  • The Supreme Court of Missouri
  • The Museum of Missouri Military History

For more information, see the Internship brochure.

Undergraduate Scholarships

The History Department awards several scholarships each year to students who major in History, have a minimum GPA of 3.0, and have filed a Graduation Plan in History (meaning the student has completed 60 hours of college credit). Students must fill out a scholarship application, provide a letter of recommendation and submit a personal statement to be considered for selection. Scholarships usually range from $500.00-$1,000.00 dollars. Currently the following scholarships are available:

  • Harvey Kantor Memorial Scholarship
  • Glen M. McCaslin Memorial Scholarship
  • Tom Berenger Opportunities for Excellence Scholarships
  • Allen & Maude Clarke McReynolds Scholarship
  • Harvey A. and Nellie K. Deweerd Memorial Teaching Award
  • David Wakefield Memorial Scholarship

The History Club

The History Club is an organization intended to bring together students with an interest in any period of history, whether they are history majors, minors, or neither. Through group meetings, as well as formal and informal get-togethers, members become better acquainted with each other and can offer one another valuable information and advice on courses, research papers, opportunities to study abroad, etc. In the past the History Club has sponsored guest speakers, organized “movie nights” and pizza parties, and participated in community service projects, like Habitat for Humanity. The History Club is not just for upperclass history majors, who are established in the program. Freshmen, sophomores and students who are undecided on a major are more than welcome to join.


Professor Catherine Rymph
Director of Undergraduate Studies

office: 312 Read Hall
phone: 573-882-4320

Jenny Morton
Director of Undergraduate Advising and Curriculum

office: 103 Read Hall
phone: 573-882-2069



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