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Graduate Program

The department's graduate programs are founded on a faculty who are committed to excellence in graduate education. Lecture courses, seminars and directed research projects are available on the histories of Western Europe, Russia, Great Britain, Africa, East Asia, Latin America and the United States. While students are expected to get specialized training in the fields of their choice, they are also urged to develop a broad historical background.

The department's doctoral program graduates go on to academic jobs. See Placements of Recent PhDs.


To be considered for admission to the masters program, candidates must have a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences degree. more >>


To be admitted to candidacy for a PhD in history, a student must have earned an MA in history or a related discipline and have passed a qualifying examination. more >>


To be considered for admission to the graduate program in history, you must provide the department with the following materials. more >>

Departmental Financial Aid

Departmental financial aid includes all graderships, teaching assistantships, teaching fellowships, research assistantships, dissertation fellowships, and dissertation research grants that are funded and administered by history. more >>

MU's Student Financial Aid Office

The main goal of the Student Financial Aid (SFA) Office is to make it financially possible for eligible students to attend and graduate from MU. more >>


The deadline for admission and financial aid for 2017-2018 is January 13, 2017.


Professor Robert Smale
Director of Graduate Studies
office: 217 Read Hall
phone: 573-355-4152

Nancy Taube
Graduate Studies Administrator

office: 101A Read Hall
phone: 573-882-9461