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Huping Ling

Visiting Faculty Fellow
area: Asian American history, East Asian history
office: 206 Read Hall
phone: 573-882-9463

An internationally renowned historian and prolific prize-winning writer, Huping Ling is Professor of History and the past Convener (Department Chair) at Truman State University, teaching Asian American history and East Asian history. She is the Executive editor for the Journal of Asian American Studies, and also a Visiting Professor of the Institute of Overseas Chinese Studies at Jinan University, China. She is the founder of the Asian Studies Program at Truman. A Ford Foundation Prize-winning author and award-winning scholar, her research focuses on Asian American studies including immigration and ethnicity, assimilation and adaptation, family and marriage, employment patterns, and community structures, and she has published ten books and over hundred articles in the field. She serves as a consultant to the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Guangdong Provincial Government.

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Huping Ling